Asynchronous JavaScript


Code snippet for a synchronous program
Code snippet for an async program
Example of a callback function
  • Pending — Initial state when the promise is created.
  • Fulfilled — Which means the operation completed with success.
  • Rejected — Which means the operation failed.
Simple example of a promise structure.
Code snippet for an async/await program.
First message
Second message
Data back
Third message
const asyncFunction = async () => {
try {
const promise = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
setTimeout(() => {
resolve("Data back");
}, 3000);
console.log("First message");
console.log("Second message");
console.log(await promise);
console.log("Third message");
} catch(error) {
console.log('error here')




Software Engineer

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Swithin A. Okyere

Swithin A. Okyere

Software Engineer

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